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 NGO Activities in Cameroon

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1. Production and distribution of health education and health promotion materials and resources (books, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, flyers) to advance health literacy.

2. Outreach to minority population and women through programs such as Workshops, Seminars, Conferences to advance health literacy and health empowerment through advocacy for policy inclusion, and training the trainers for community outreach programs.

3. Through collaboration and partnership building with other local NGOs and Common Initiative Groups (CIGs), MHPI, Inc. will carry out Community and School health Services and projects (Health Education & Health Promotion Curriculum consultancy and Research which is complementary to WHO, UNESCO, and CDC recommendations for Focusing Resources for Education in School Health (FRESH).

4. Providing potable and drinking water to schools, health units and rural population through bore wells, advanced hand dug wells, water catchments and water treatments (Health Promotion)

5. Offering educational scholarship to orphans of victims of communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, and Schistosomiasis.

6. Seek funding for rural health and humanitarian projects (Community Health Centers)`

7. Supply of medical equipment to rural health units

8. Initiating, consulting, and planning programs related to Driving & Road Safety.



For more photographs of the Global Hand Washing Day Demonstrations sponsored by Minority Health Promotion Initiative NGO, visit our facebook page by clicking on this link.

Minority Health Promotion Initiative Facebook Hand Washing Demonstration Photos


Potable Drinking Water Supply

Potable Drinking Water Supply

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